Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Timmy Tragedy

At Tim Horton's yesterday for a breakfast sandwich (+tomato+mayo) and out of the blue we hear a mixed crashing/bursting sound....kind of the sound a florescent bulb bursting. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a puff of white smoke. Looked to the right and saw bit of crockery flying over the counter towards the customers. A bunch of fragments landed on the counter but everyone, including the young boy were unharmed. I'm not really sure what burst, other than it must have been at least one piece of crockery. I did not stick my head behind the counter to find out either. All I know is the action behind the counter had rather slowed to a stop until the manager piped up and said "tell the baker to start a whole fresh batch & throw these all out". All of them, every single one of the fresh donuts/muffins/bagels had to be tossed in case any flying bits of crockery had landed on them. Right at the start of a busy Saturday morning, too.

What a tragedy.

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Eve said...

What a serious tradgedy. I think I might have even mustered the courage to ask for at least one of the sugary casualties!