Sunday, February 8, 2009

purse snatcher

So this is what's left of my purse after the thieves got what they wanted. They even ripped open my church donation envelope! punks. I was actually more ticked once I got my much lighter purse back all stripped down. Someone tossed it into the post box after the thieves were done ransacking it.

Lesson to everyone: don't be too lazy/cheap/trusting like me and not re-plug the rec centre locker with another quarter while you shampoo your hair 5 feet away.

k? :-)
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dawna said...

as an update to this, they caught the girl (brat) who stole my purse. She was in possession of several people's ID and property. Stupid stupid girl could probably have gotten away with the amounts she stole from me (under $5K) if she didn't try stealing a TV & laptop using someone else's credit card.

Now I have to write a report, 8 months after the fact. oy.