Friday, March 20, 2009

snowboarding.....well, almost

Well, as can happen when you're really looking forward to a trip for a couple of months, it sometimes doesn't turn out to be all that you had hoped.

N's school was taking a trip up to the mountain for the day. They had to be at the busses by 5:15am (still not sure that was really necessary).

He refuses to try skiing as snow snowboarding is his love, although it had been a couple of years since we were last on the mountain.

The very first time he tried to slide off the chair lift he twisted his ankle and fell. He was out for the rest of the day. Had to spend the day in the lodge. He was so bored - who would have thought to pack a book for the solitude??

He went to the doc once he got home who determined it was just a bad sprain but for some reason he gave N two weeks off school! Ha, pretty sure that was a mistake, just two weeks off of gym. but of course, N tried to milk it.

The other realization I had throughout this ordeal was that my 13 yr old son now has MAN feet. He used to have such cute little feet but now they're all big & hairy and stuff. heh
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