Thursday, March 5, 2009

what's all that honking about???

While I'm on my hike in these pics, I am noticing there seems to be a bunch of random car honking going on. I'm at the edge of town in what seems like the wilderness, however, once you get to the top of the mountain you realize you're not far from civilization.

I didn't want this annoying honking to ruin the quiet time I was spending in the woods. As I disappear deeper and higher into the woods the honking finally started to fade. This allowed me to fool myself into thinking I was far away from civilization, deep within nature.

Once I start decending the mountain I start to hear the honking again. Sometimes I notice a pattern. Its usually a little car horn honking a few times followed by a big 1/2 ton truck horn. I can't tell if they're ticked off with each other or if its just friendly country hello's as they pass each other on the road.

Sometimes, though, I only here one horn honking and no return honk. hmmm.
I knew the park bordered the old Victoria watershed. I thought may be the honking could have been a horn that went off to signal damns or channels opening or closing. I dunno!

At one point I even started to think it was some sort of an underground signal. Something to do with drugs? I don't know! I know I was really stretching here. lol

Finally as I approached the road crossing I got to wondering if there was a narrow, unsafe patch of road in the direction opposite from my arrival, where cars would honk to signal their approach.

So I decided to check it out once I got back into my car. I drove down the wooded, narrow country road and as I was cresting the one hill on the corner a car suddenly appeared in front of me. You could tell he was surprised as he jerked his car over to his side (I was already prepared for such an event by driving slowly and as far right as possible). Once we passed each other I glanced back in his direction and
sure enough, there was a sign on his side saying "Honk when approaching corner". I forget the exact words and I didn't take a pic. I did not see a sign warning travellers coming from my direction. But there you have it, the mysterious honking solved....

I do wonder how many accidents they have around there and think the problem could easily be solved by removing one or two trees and widening the corner at that curve. but, maybe there's a reason they've lived with the road like this all these years....

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