Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How un-Murphy-like

As much as I like to lament about my usual woe-is-me luck....I thought this event deserved special note.

In the past I've made note of events where I've just cleaned something (like the floor) and then something has been dumped on the floor shortly thereafter. grrrr.

On this particular occasion things happened in reverse.

I had been planning for some time to borrow a carpet cleaner and had finally gotten a hold of one. I was about to clean the carpets that afternoon but that morning, I unceremoniously dropped my coffee cup on the floor - and of course some of it got to the carpet. No biggie, cuz I was just about to wash the carpet & floors...

The only sad part is it was one of my favourite mugs. I only ever use my favourite mugs (a teddy bear mug from Nate when he was 3). Life is too short to use a mug you're not particularly fond of.

So, all-in-all not a bad ending, right?

Well..................what's this big blotch of red on my carpet?

A week after the carpets are cleaned we had a couple of Nate's friends over for a halloween partying. They were both dressed as M&M candies (not sure if you have them in the States) complete with a red & blue painted face each. As they were horsing around, as boys tend to do I have noticed, the red face got smudged into my carpet. ooops. They noticed their faux pas right away and gasped as they looked up at me. No probelemo, must be washable paint if its on your faces, right? Well, several days and a whole lotta blotching later (not rubbing) its faded to a light pink. I'm gonna have to borrow that carpet cleaner back. And soon. My annual inspection happens to be only 8 days away.

--- WAVES ---
Hi Murphy, I see you've made it back to my little corner of the world. :)
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