Monday, September 21, 2009

"Wired" has feet

This is my quest to check out the Wired Magazine from the downtown Victoria public library.  Easier said than done. 

I've been a library patron my whole life thanks to my mom who instilled in me the love of bookstores, libraries & all things books.  So when I decided I wanted to check out a copy of “Wired” from the library it should have been the usual simple transaction.

It all started when Wil Wheaton twittered about the latest  mystery issue of "Wired".    I love a good mystery so thought I'd check it out.  

I’ve been checking out the magazine ever since. 

While in a hospital waiting room recently, I picked up the April 2009 back issue of Wired and again was enjoying almost every article.  I thought of scooping it when I left since it was a 6 month old issue, who would miss it?  But, alas, my mother instilled honesty in me, too, so I just couldn’t do it.  heh

My next errand was downtown and I dropped by the public library to check out the April 09 Wired so I can continue reading the articles.

Up to the second floor to the back of the magazine racks to find the W section.  No Wired.  Must be here somewhere.  

oh, there's a sign: "For Wired magazine, see front desk".  Ok, back to the front desk.  

"Hi, I'm trying to find the April 09 issue of Wired".    

Clerk: "May I see some ID?"

HAHA?!  What!!??  "Seriously??".  "Sure, here's my library card."    

He finds the issue for me but doesn't hand it to me.  Not sure what he was waiting for I said, “I think that's it, I'll just take the one magazine."

Clerk: “Oh no, you can’t leave the library with it”.


We’re not talking some ancient texts from the Roman era here….  But apparently Wired magazine has a reputation for walking out the doors on its own.  They won’t even entertain the idea of taking down my Mastercard # because its too much of a hassle. Chances are too great I won’t return the magazine.

so, yes, I’m considering getting a Wired subscription for myself......reading it online just wouldn't be the same...

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