Sunday, January 3, 2010

a Victorian Tea House


For most of my life I've loved the frilly, Victorian look and thought maybe one day it would be neat to design my house interior that way. What was I, a grandmother in the making?

One day while downtown Victoria (appropriately-so) with some time to kill, I was going to head to one of the local coffee shops only to find it is now a tea house. hmmm. ok, I was intrigued so checked the place out. I picked a snack out of the day-old bin (gawd I'm cheap) and had some of the best chai tea E.V.A.R. (Silk Road). I think tea tastes better in those dainty little tea cups. I was enamoured, soaking in the surroundings thinking I've found home.

But you know what? It got to me after a while. Surrounded by all the colourful frills actually made me want to get up and run out after a while. Sensory overload, I think. yikes, I wonder if the place has the same effect on men.

funny side note: this frilly little tea shop had wi-fi
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