Monday, September 7, 2009

Worst Job?

Sometimes I come across someone doing a job and it makes me think how thankful I am to have my lazy desk job.  

Today's encounter was the poor guys & gals at the car wash.  I say poor, but they must like their job or they wouldn't be working there, right?  
For the same reason I chose not to wash & vacuum my own car this morning, I felt guilt at asking someone else to do it.   

Getting all hot & sweaty just so the dirt can cling to you better.  
The piercing whine of the vacuum.  
And all that bending over while vacuuming has got to be hell on your back!

sidenote:  I paid these guys extra to do my tiny hatchback and left them a handsome tip as I appreciate that there are people out there that will do stuff like this for me once in a  while.  However, they forgot to clean out the hatchback.  sigh

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