Friday, January 22, 2010

16 month calendar

Is it just me, or does a "16 month calendar" start on the wrong month?

I think its a great idea to have a calendar that would carry you at least one month into the New Year until you're set up with new calendars in the home & office.

But every single 16 month calendar I ever see has the 4 extra months at the end of the previous year. And they usually have the 4 months squished onto one page.  How silly and useless is that? 

By September we've already got calendars hanging everywhere.  Why would we need to put up a calendar that goes from Sept of one year through to December of the following year?

Wouldn't it make a whole lot more sense to have the new calendar start January (I'm even ok if they thrown in a December) and carry it through an extra month or two into the following new year?

I think this every year and think the calendar companies will eventualy catch onto this idea.  But its been decades and I'm still seeing calendars in this format.

Am I really the only one who finds this utterly silly and useless?  Calendar should go from Jan-Jan.

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