Monday, January 4, 2010

allergies that shall remain undisclosed?


At first I laughed out loud at the boy's honesty. But a moment later, it struck me. Could I go to jail if I let my son turn this into his school?!

Its a little difficult to read, so here's what my son wrote on a permission slip when he was asked to disclose any allergies: "champagne, I get all red in the face and look like a lobster".

Props to him for spelling champagne correctly...but I know someone's going to ask "just how does this minor know the effects of alcohol on his body?" It was on New Year's eve, that he learned this, after consuming a small, tiny, swig of champagne (under the supervision of both his parents).

Should I really be posting this to a blog? I know people have been hunted down & fired over an anonymous blog posting. Do I dare take the chance of social services coming after me? If this blog goes for a long, extended absence, you won't know if I was taken away or just got lazy again.

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