Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beware what lurks in the dairy case

I like to spend as little time as possible shopping but a weekly trip to the grocery store is unavoidable (online shopping isn't time-efficient enough for me either).

Unless I am getting special ingredients for a recipe I usually trod through the usual outside sections of the grocery store replenishing our produce, bread, meat & dairy. The odd time I'll throw in a treat for the teenboy like chocolate milk.

I don't tend to dilly-dally so once the chocolate milk caught my eye, it took me only a second to think "sure, he'll like that" and pop it into the shopping cart. I briefly noticed the dairy company had changed their carton design but that's as far as my noticing went.

The teenboy noticed the problem minute he opened the fridge.


What? They can't possibly mean orange flavoured chocolate milk?

Sure enough, that's what they meant. We are both chocolate purists so putting fruit flavour with chocolate is just considered wrong. I had a taste and it reminds me of a "Terry's Chocolate Orange". If you like that then you'll probably like the milk.  This carton is good til June 6th if you'll take it off our hands.  heh

The orange strip on the package had caught my eye when I first saw it in the dairy case but the word "Orange" certainly had not (my fault for not paying enough attention - but they could have been a little more obvious about it).

I have no idea how popular this flavour will be but I'm thinking they'll sell maybe 1% of the of the amount they sell of the pure chocolate milk --- so why bother making it would be my question. Time will tell how long it survives on the dairy shelf....or if they decide to come out with other combined chocolate flavours.

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WrathofDawn said...

Ick. Chocolate plus fruit? Heinous. I wouldn't like this either.