Tuesday, October 5, 2010

a filter work-around

We have a wonderful aeropress coffee making gadget.

If you are a coffee drinker and haven't heard of one you must check it out as it makes some nice, smooth coffee one cup at a time.

Recently we went on a little mini vacation to a deserted island.

Well, ok, it wasn't deserted but we knew there wasn't going to be a grocery store so we'd have to pack as many supplies we could think of for the trip.

Have you ever gone on a trip and not forgotten something?

Neither have I.

Hubby was so good about remembering all the little details and even remembered to bring coffee, tea and our little aeropress maker. We were set!

Until we went to make the coffee. Missing those cute little round aeropress filters.

What to do?

Well, Hubby had a little brainwave. The tea bags we brought happened to be round. How about taking apart a tea bag and using one side as a filter?

First he gingerly separated the two sides (we did not have scissors but real men don't leave home without their Swiss army knife).

Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of him putting the tea bag filter in the aeropress but I did get a picture of him plunging the coffee.

I took his picture to show that the tea bag filter worked quite well and did not leave any grinds behind (I cannot figure out how to spin this picture left 90 degrees, sorry).

Great coffee maker - you should try one out! But don't forget the aeropress filters to save you some hassle.
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